Sessomorte is considered ambient-groove, electroclash, even darkwave by some. Music of intense passion and sensuality, it runs the gamut of moods and textures. Infusing electronica with the stirring vulnerability of live instruments, their desire is to convey deep emotion from within the abstract, but limitless framework of synth-based orchestration. This was the vision born in the dreamy dawn of Sirico's musical infancy, and now continues as an expressive chronicle of authentic personal experience and introspection. The threads of disparate influences, artfully woven into lush aural tapestries.


Sessomorte began in late 2000 when musician and aspiring producer Vincent Sirico met world-renowned Olympic athlete and aspiring vocalist Liliko Ogasawara...

Sirico had been playing bass in an original progressive metal band called The Pure(1993-97). Mining from the same quarry as that of bands such as Dream Theater, Fates Warning and Rush, they created a technically sophisticated but at times convoluted sound. They were a diamond in the rough, showing great potential and had a small but dedicated group of fans. Sirico recalls: "This was a GREAT time for me, this band was a sort of baptism into intense live performance and technical proficiency. We rehearsed at least twice a week and I practiced relentlessly. My skills on the bass developed exponentially as a result, and I had the chance to bring musical ideas to full fruition for the first time. We all brought out the best in each other, and I was constantly challenged and encouraged to improve."

Unfortunately after four productive but frustrating years The Pure had run its course, leaving Vin burned-out and jaded from inter-band disagreements and playing the tired NJ/NYC bar circuit.

In 1998, concurrent with his studies of art and philosophy at William Paterson University in N.J., he began exploring and developing new musical ideas. While working on those early compositions, he realized that they could only be actualized by the addition of a vocalist- preferrably female- similar to some of his main influences of the time, such as Sade, Portishead, Sneaker Pimps, Everything But The Girl and Garbage. So he set out to find his own female vocalist to catalyze his new material. Then, in a poetic moment of pure serendipity, he found Liliko Ogasawara...

Vin wandered into a NJ bar (typically), where she happened to be ripping it up on its popular karaoke night. After hearing her perform Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" and "Frozen" by Madonna, he was blown away by her timbre and talent. "The instant I heard her sing I knew I had to work with her. Liliko's voice was so warm and inviting and it grabbed me immediately. I knew it would compliment my dark writing perfectly. To me it has that ineffable quality, something you can't replicate because it's a unique gift from nature. It affected me in the same way as when I hear Karen Carpenter, or Marilyn McCoo". It was strange; standing there transfixed holding my beer, I at once heard and "saw" the entirety of the Sessomorte sound. The experience was profound and transcendental. I rarely have those."

Anticipating great things, he introduced himself and invited her to sing on some songs he was developing. Chemistry was immediate, and the two began writing and recording what would eventually become "Visceral" in 2007, a track from which appears in Cameron Beyl's film, "So Long, Lonesome".

They since have released “Walls” in 2012, and "Into The Grey” in 2013. Read the full review by Heath Andrews here.


Sessomorte was originally "Sesso e Morte", or "Sex and Death" in Italian. Sirico elaborates: "I had just read Ernest Becker's "Denial of Death" and was influenced by it's concepts. I found much of it aligned with my existing personal philosophy- one that is in a large part minimal, reductionist and somewhat nihilistic. To radically over simplify: We are driven by primal mechanisms rooted in desire (sex) and fear (death), with no knowledge of the future, and limited -if any- control over external forces. All we "know" is what we want and what we don't want. In order to navigate the sea of chaotic uncertainty that is existence, we have only knowledge of these two forces with which to plot our course. I also never believed in fate or anything pre-determined...for me it's all just cause and effect; action and the dealing with the consequences of those actions (or inactions)."

Sirico was originally going to name the project literally "Sex and Death", but flavoring it with the Italian translation seemed to make it more exotic and mysterious. "I later abbreviated it to "Sessomorte", because it rolls off the tongue easier. That consequently altered it's translation to "sexdeath", which is a seemingly meaningless phrase. However I later read somewhere that orgasms are called "little deaths", so by that "sexdeath" could be interpretted as orgasm. That's wasn't the intention, but I definitely don't dislike it. Ultimately I just favored the way it's two syllable pronunciation is similar other Italian-named bands, like Sessomatto, Bella Morte, and Cibo Matto."


Sirico elaborates: "My writing is very sporadic and unpredictable. A large portion of ideas will germinate while I practice guitar or noodle on the keyboard, but I think the best seeds come when I am not playing or even near an instrument. I'll be vacuuming or at work and melodies and grooves will instantaneously erupt in my head The Muse brings a gift and you better be ready, so I sing or scat them into my phone. On occassion, I will actually dream a song, and if the song is still coherrant when I wake, then it usually is good."

"As far as lyrics go sometimes I will then write them to the music, other times the song idea forms with no music at all, and only a line. "Loveless" and "Jenni" began this way. I awoke one morning after dreaming (once again) of a girl I was in love with in high school, repeating the line "I still dream about you, baby", and the rest of Loveless developed from that concept. Jenni is part fact, part fictitious fabrication, based on a very cute and interesting girl I saw standing on the train platform while coming home from NYC. The conflated girl-girl crush narrative came later, but Jenni began with a real person. I wonder where she is now!"

"Another way -which I prefer- is building songs around Liliko's words. When she gives me her lyrics I write a song based on my interpretaion of her story. Into the Grey was written entirely in this manner. All the songs were composed on acoustic guitar, while looking at a printout of a bunch of poems she wrote. I later elaborated upon or replaced the guitar with other instrumentation, but all the songs could in fact be performed on a beach with just the two of us and a guitar. I believe good songs will work whether there are presented in the form of rock, EDM or on an acoustic.

"Our recording process is very enjoyable and productive. I'm not a singer by any stretch, and I wrote vocal melodies in The Pure as I would write a guitar line. Yet since I'm a huge jazz fan, especially of crooners and ballads, I began to listen differently and take cues from that and other vocal styles, in order to write vocal melody lines for Lil from the perspective of a vocalist. I prepare skeleton tracks outlining the song structure and vocal melodies, laying down a scratch vocal of myself. Then I send her a mix so she can familiarize herself with and interprete them- she hears what I'm trying to do. After a time, when she is ready to sing, I set up and we record the vocals and we proceed for as long as her voice and concentration hold out. In the following weeks I set to work refining the other parts, or reworking the song entirely if her performance calls for a different instrumental presentation"

Liliko grew up in Montvale, NJ. She began judo at age 3 and was instructed by her father, Nagayasu Ogasawara , Head Instructor (Sensei) of Kokushi Dojo in NJ. She seriously competed in judo throughout her life, but always had a passion for dancing, singing and acting. In addition, she was the first female in her county to wrestle on the men's varsity wrestling team for Pascack Hills High School. As a hobby, Liliko sang with the concert choir but was never able to participate in any plays or musicals due to her training schedule. She received her BA in Radio, TV & Film with a minor in Drama at San Jose State University, where she trained with the SJSU judo team. Liliko then moved to Colorado Springs to train at the Olympic Training Center, while beginning to pursue an MA in Counseling.

Throughout her career, she took the silver medal at the '93 World Championships in Canada, the bronze medal at the '95 World Championships in Japan, 7th place at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, GA, as well as many other medals in national and international competitions while remaining ranked #1 in the nation for her weight category. In 1999, Liliko retired from competing and moved back to NJ. She is considered one of the most successful women to have competed for US women's judo.

When she returned to NJ, she finished her MA in Counseling at Montclair State University. During this time, she had the opportunity to perform in The Vagina Monologues at MSU. Not too long after her move back home, in 2000 she went to a karaoke bar, where Sirico introduced himself to her. She was thrilled to discover that he was very talented in producing music, and they have collaborated ever since. Liliko is a licensed clinician (LPC, LCADC) and currently works in Jersey City,NJ.

Liliko highly values the freedom of expression, the practice of not taking things personally (good or bad), and being fully present in the moment without losing perspective. For Liliko, love is a wonderful feeling but it has to come from within before anything else.

Since birth Vincent has always had an insatiable creative drive. Youngest of four, he was a solitary, introspective kid, and constantly occupied -and pre-occupied- with some kind of creative activity: Building, writing, drawing or painting. However, he didn't embark upon his musical journy until his seventeenth year, when he finally gave in to a life-long urge to play guitar. After about a year of self-teaching, he was recruited to play not guitar, but bass in a neighborhood band. Quickly adding that instrument to his studies, from 1992-93 he played in a cover band centered around St. Peter's college in Jersey City, NJ, and included neighborhood friends and seasoned musicians Paul and Guy Capuzzo, as well as friend/fellow newbie Colin MacMamara on vocals.

What came next in '93 was an original progressive-metal group called "The Pure", with guitarist Lionel Mootoo, drummer Pete Liebezeit, and singer/keyboardist Jess Ritgers (now with Psychoprism). In this band Vincent continued to hone technical skills and was afforded the chance to further develop his writing. They rehearsed incessantly and recorded several songs at Boulevard Studios in New Milford, NJ with the great Geno Porfido. "I was fortunate to have formed friendships with two great guitarists, Capuzzo and Mootoo. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to play with and be influenced by them in my musical infancy. Then having Geno engineer The Pure sessions was another great experience".

When The Pure inevitably disbanded, Vincent switched gears from the chop-based discipline of progressive metal to the smoother textures and more feasible production of electronic music:

On a fateful spring day in 1998 he entered the Tower Records in Paramus, NJ and first encountered Portished. "It was playing over the store intercom, and I found it so intriguing that I asked the hot goth girl working there what it was. She told me and I bought it on cassette tape. They had a strange, beckoning sound, like I had heard it before in a dream, or I had written it in a former life- just mystical. It had a dark haunting quality that I found irresistible. Later I learned this was referred to as the Film Noir sound, very common in Trip-Hop."

In fact three other albums of that year had a huge influence on the gestating Sessomorte sound: Madonna's "Ray of Light", Lenny Kravitz' "5", and the first album by Garbage, all of which spoke to Vin in different ways. Soon after, he discovered ambient compilations on the Quango label, which sent him in the direction of Acid House, Jungle and Ambient-groove. Then after hearing and being impressed with the powerful sound of acts such as Crystal Method, Massive Attack, Bows and Reprazent, he bought a Roland synth with a MIDI sequencer and began exploring and writing in these genres himself.

"I read in Rolling Stone that Lenny kravitz wrote performed and produced "5" all alone, and that George Michael did "Faith" the same way, and of course I was always inspired by the one-man wizardry of Prince, Stevie Wonder and Tom Scholtz of Boston. I believed I could do it too. The tech was in place; the Roland JV midi synths gave me rudimentary multi-tracking capability, but when my brother built me a DAW and I got Logic Audio Gold in 1999- all limitations just evaporated. Software workstations were revolutionary: I felt limitless compositional power. I was free to record without the expense of a commercial studio and dependence on other musicians, and with a handful of software and outboard synths (Emu, Roland, Alesis) was finally able to render the sounds I envisioned, such as orchestras and thick ambient textures. My Fostex tape 4-track went into the closet."

Vin immersed himself in listening and studying audio production and sound design, learning how to get good sound, and translate guitar based writings into electronica. What emerged, was trance and ambient-tinged Trip-Hop in the style of Mono, Archive, Esthero and others. Yet he continued to write on guitar, and was intent on keeping his live bass and guitar performances in the compositions. He was guided by bands that could mesh synths with guitars well, like the Cars, and those that made layered electronic orchestrations sound natural and convincing, like Depeche Mode. He soon found that blending a multitude of different elements and textures required masterful knowlege of EQ and other mixing techniques, and had to (quite willingly) step up his skill set. He also had to learn to think and write like a drummer, pianist, cellist- even a horn player... "I would always get annoyed when I heard people say that computer-based music was inferior or unauthentic, because they assume that the computer somehow does all the work. Nothing could be more untrue. Tweaking drum or string parts bar-by-bar, note-by-note, and achieving a convincing and compelling performance, is actually more difficult than hiring a live musician and recording it. One has be able to convincingly perform everything. That to me is uber-producing".

Over the past two decades, Vincent has also participated in various roles in the music of Mat Helm Utopiatemple, a project by prolific artist and musician Mat Helm. "Working on Matt's material was a challenging yet inspiring time. It allowed me to be a part of something more communal, and evolve as a producer. Matt is extremely creative, but completely unorthodox. He'll present me with what he wants to accomplish, and on my end it usually invovles brain stretching and intense problem solving- but that propels the evolution"

Vincent continues to write with Liliko, and pursue his studies of traditional art, music theory, classical guitar and web developement.


"...Liliko's voice is a hot, brilliant flame dancing upon the dark yet melodic soundscapes rendered by Sirico..."


The first recordings, 2000-2005, were distributed in a homeade fashion on individually burned CD-R's to a few friends. Never officially released, these were the prototypes for future works, with some songs having been remixed and released later on. "Prelude" and "Feeling Through Darkness" include never released songs such as, "Blu", and "Rainbow".

"Sound of The Underground is a DavidDance complilation featuring "A Letter to a Lover", which was originally on "Prelude" and remixed for "Walls". The wonderful independent film "So Long Lonesome" features "You Are My Black Love" in one of it's scenes.



"Liliko Ogasawara has a gorgeous, easy sound you could listen to all day." - Wildy's World

Visceral was recorded over four years through day jobs, night schools, physical injuries and romantic catastrophes. Featuring "You Are My Black Love", from the independent film, "So Long Lonesome", which won best soundtrack at L.A.'s Downtown Film Festival in 2010. Read the full review by Wildy's World.

Special thanks to: John E. Hogan for the lyrics to "White Hot". Matt Helm for shooting the raw footage for the cover art.

Music written, performed and produced by V.M. Sirico. Vocal performances by Liliko Ogasawara. Song Lyrics by Liliko Ogasawara and/or V.M. Sirico. Cover art & design by V.M. Sirico. All content © COPYRIGHT 2002-2008.


WALLS (2012)

This album is considered by many to be "Visceral B-sides". It contains material re-worked from the cutting room floor of those sessions, as well as songs from early proto albums "Prelude" and "Feeling Through Darkness"...early 2000's writing with a 2010's make-over.

Featuring new tracks like "Player", "Frank Sinatra Drive", and "Stranger Hues", and a remix of "A Letter To A Lover", a track chosen by David Dance for the "The Sound Of The Underground 2011" compilation album.

Special thanks to: Megumi Yamamato for the Japanese translation and spoken word performance on "The Circle Of Hurt". Liliko and Sue for their ideas for the cover art.

Music written, performed and produced by V.M. Sirico. Vocal performances by Liliko Ogasawara. Song Lyrics by Liliko Ogasawara and/or V.M. Sirico. Cover art & design by V.M. Sirico. All content © COPYRIGHT 2002-2012.


Pulling from a diverse musical palatte and quoting different genres, Into the Grey maintains cohesion through an intimate narrative, compelling vocals and emotive musical compositions. An on-going progression of musical exploration and maturity, it was written entirely on acoustic guitar, then elaborated upon.

"This album should be a required listen for any fans of atmospheric electronica music and more importantly, skeptics of the genre who feel the music lacks structure and talent; Sessomorte will prove them sorely wrong." - Heath Andrews (Review You). Read the full review by Heath Andrews.

Special thanks to: J.E.J. Hogan for the Italian translation and spoken word in "Rock and Stone".

Vocal performances and song lyrics by Liliko Ogasawara. Music written, performed and produced by V.M. Sirico. Cover art & design by V.M. Sirico. All CONTENT © COPYRIGHT 2013.




I know this feeling, 
yes I've had it before

Something that throws me 
right down to the floor 

I cannot eat, and I can't even sleep.
A secret inside that's so hard to keep
They move around 
these strange thoughts in my head

My eyes are wide open 
as you lay on my bed

My skin's alive! don't you understand?
Such a strong drive and I know that you're...'s coming my way
Trouble...I'm lost in the words that you say
Trouble...I'm shaking inside
Trouble...these feelings just do not want to subside

And so it all goes, the same as before
never quite knowing what's beyond your door

What is this thing that's gonna make me cry?

for now I am lost and you make me high!



Cold, on a winter day
the ice reflects my memory
I can hear you say 

"You were just a summer lay, 
and I'm just not that into you,
 sorry but it's true." 
It was all that I could bear 
when I looked you were not there

and I thought that I would die
yeah but I'm still breathin'

And the distance in your eyes 
made it clear with no surprise 

Yeah it seemed the deal was done 
Well thanks for nothin' 

Oooh the games we often play
silly things are hearts on strings 
I was just your summer lay

Warm, on a summer day 
and loneliness still visits you

Can you hear her say that 
"You were just a winter lay, 
and I could not belong to you 
sorry, but its true." 

And you'll look but I won't be there
it might be all that you can bear

and you'll feel that you will die 
but you'll keep breathin'...

Oooh the games we often play 
silly things are hearts on strings 
You were just her winter lay"...


Jenni is a friend that 
I've known for some time 
met her on the BergenLine 

Dark hair and shy, such a beautiful girl
she showed me all of her crazy world

But she stares into my eyes 
just little too long 
and her feelings for me 
seem a bit strong

I see that look inside her eyes 
and I know that Jenni wants to touch me

Yeah I know that look that's in her eyes
and I feel that Jenni wants to love me

The first time I thought it kind of strange I must say
when she told me that she was...
What could I do? I still want her as a friend 
but the crush doesn't seem to end 
She told me that she's never 
had these feelings before
I say no but I can't keep her from my door

I see that look inside her eyes 
and I know that Jenni wants to touch me
I know it comes as no surprise when I feel that
Jenni wants to love me

Do I want to love her?


You're so cruel, to treat me the way that you do, when I'm on fire for you

You're so cruel, letting me burn like I do. I gave a name to this flame, you are...

My black love.

You tempt me, and fill me so deep like the sea, then bring me down to my knees

Ripped in two, torn at the seams because of you. Your heart can never be true, you are

My black love.

I'm a fool to want you the way that I do though I wil never have you

What must I do to kill my desire for you? Or will I always be lost here in

My black love?


I thought with you that I'd be happy, I thought with you that I'd be sane. So there were things you did not tell me, and thanks to you I possibly won't trust again

But I never thought my love for you would die

And you're the only one that's ever made me cry

You think you know someone, its funny how in an instant they can change. A self deception- or am I just a silly fool? The games of love are often very very cruel

And I think you may have killed me with your lies

and you're the only one that's ever made me cry

So perhaps you've got good reason for doing everything you've done. And though I understand, don't think I could withstand any further heartbreak over you

So I'm going to have to leave and you know why

You're the only one that's ever made me cry.


5 AM, time just sucking away life. My youth and my soul being bled in a pour, not a slow drip, a gulp, not a small sip, and then there's this noise in my head

So confused am I.

More disappointment, I'm kicked while I'm down and my hope is eclipsed by the dread

I wanna live, I wanna break myself free

I wanna give but tell me what I'm living for

I wanna love, and I want you to love me too.

I wanna love, but tell me- how is it supposed to be?

Seeking salvation in chemical elation but the drugs bring no joy and no peace. Searching for answers in all the wrong places and warped by a severe lack of love.

So abused am I

Between Heaven and Hell, as far as I can tell, more beast than a god I'm made of

I wanna live...I wanna love...So unmoved am I.

No second chances, too far gone to return and starting again never works

I wanna live.


You know me in a way that no one has known me before, and there's a depth to this love that's too strong to ignore. Never could I have imagined the lesson that I would learn, and you're teaching me that love doesn't have to burn.

I see you and I change. I'm better and it's strange. I see you and I change, I'll never be the same.

Your fire warms me so I'm ignited like a flame, and I melt every time I hear you cry out my name. I see you and I'm drawn in closer to you still. There's a wisdom in your eyes, your beauty is your will.

I see you and I change...


Want me, need me hold me, heal me. Caress away all of the worries inside. I want to forget how I've been hurt, give me your heart where I can confide.

For just one moment I want to pretend that you are the one who can catch my fall. I want to feel like this will never end despite how tomorrow you will not call.

Let me have my little dream of you, after all it's only fair, but honey I know you won't even dare.

Trick me right now and make me believe that I've finally found the one I can trust. A man who won't ever lie or play games, someone whose love goes beyond just a lust.

Let me have my little dream of you, Come on baby, don't be scared. Wake me up and make it real.


Your stainless steel heart ripped me to shreds. A juggernaut inside of your cold cruel head. You hurt me as no one has hurt me before, and your generous charm made me quick to ignore...

That such intense love so quick and so fast cannot be sustained- no it cannot last. The man that I thought that I had come to know was a terrible child who ran with the show.

Overwhelmed by what you've done. You left me, I thought I was the one. You said I was the one.

No reason no rhyme, a dramatic end. The door shut so hard and it won't let me back in. Suddenly and so abrupt, your silence is your knife. It cut me all up, left me barely with my life...


Oh give to me the fantasy and don't try to make it real. Be what you know you cannot be, my ever faithful man of steel. The less you say the better off, just assume the brooding stare. Mention something like the weather and tell me how much you care.

"I live to breath you in", that is what you'll say. "You've gone beneath my skin, and I'll never go, never go away".

Promise the vision of a love, even though it can't be real. The fantasy has sheltered me, and this dream no one can steal. Oh give to me the fantasy and don't try to make it real. Be what you know you cannot be, my ever faithful man of steel.


What a dangerous place, so I am told- perched on the edge of lost control. There's one thing I know: Love is like suicide.

Such a pretty death, a sweet demise, to loose myself. It's no surprise I'm falling, though I know that... love is like suicide.

A dream alive and just as real, beautiful and strange are these things that I feel. Now my secret self is revealed, and love is like suicide.

Give up my heart? A risk I know, but willing I am and fear I show. To die one thousand times if love is like suicide.

So high as my body rises from the ground. New sight as my world dissolves without a sound.

A living hell is my darkest hour. Take away my world, my soul devour. Bring eternal life and god if love... suicide.


God it takes so long just to find something to ease my mind. So wasted, here in broken light. Gonna take a ride to the other side of life tonight, can't sit here while all this passes by.

I look at the world outside of me, spinning around so full of possibility. Then I think of the soul inside of me, what will it take to finally set it free?

Don't know what to do, not in love with you- a waste of time, both yours and mine. Where do we draw the line? In my subconscious visions of love, my soul had risen to heights unknown to my mind in waking life...


My life is so small, and there are hands all around me. But none of them seem, to touch me inside. My need is so great, and I want it to surround you. I'm drowning in circles inside of my head.

I long for your heart to reach mine. I am lost and the gap is so wide. The sand is washed smooth by the tide, there's a sadness I feel deep inside.

The world is a tear, and I'm inside. Left to swim, left to drown. I look for the truth , yet I find only lies...


The selfless soul so hard to bear. The ego is the dragons' lair. I burn white-hot.

The throe of love a comic thing. In tragedy lies the golden ring. I burn white-hot.

In blackness pure all light consumed, In daylights' grim the corpse exhumed. I burn white-hot.

I lick your wounds and blame you not. And in the coldness of space I burn white-hot.


Your silence is your weapon and it hurts me to the core. No shouting, no fighting, no conflict to abhor. A disappearing act you chose to perform. Lost in limbo, a shadow in a storm.

I can see your face so clear, hear your voice so near to me. Thoughts are ever churning, did my love cause you fear?

Unanswered question, did you ever tell the truth? Did you really love me? I thought your tears were the proof. Now you're gone, your absence is a fact. Such selfish mystery, your disappearing act!

I can see your face so clear, I can hear your voice so near...

WALLS (2012)


Where are you off to now my lover, where will you be today? Is it all the same to you, tell me, is it all the same to you? You act as if it does not matter, to you its all part of a game. “No emotion, no complication” is your solution to everything. So tell your lies and make your promises today. Little do they know they’re just the conquest of the day. Keep it cold and keep a safe distance and then you’ll have nothing to lose. If it ends with a broken heart...well, this is the life that you choose. Out again in pursuit of something but you’re not quite sure what it is. Will it make you satisfied when you hear of all the nights they cried? So tell your lies and make your promises today. Desperate hearts are longing to believe in what you say. ---


Well you said all the right things to me, and I believed you. Then you did all the wrong things to me, and now I loathe you. You have gone and left me longing for my one true love. And I lie here and I wonder if he will return to me. I wait for the day ... when the one I’ve lost will come back again. But here I cannot stay... trapped inside these walls of love. Inside my head the scene plays back to me... the heartbreak and the lies. Upon the wall reflecting back at me... the drama in my eyes. How you lied! and how I cried fills me with ire and shame. But these pictures I have please me so, as they turn to flame... I wait for the day ... I wait for the sunrise, here right before my eyes. My heart now must take flight, free from these walls of love.


The sky is about to dream, the clouds are moving towards. You are my purple crush, and you’ve pinned me to the floor. Heavy breath on skin, shinning eyes that see, all unspoken thoughts as you’re captivating me. The apple never bitten, though it teases glossed and red. I throw it far away, but it lands right on my bed! The sky is about to dream, the pink has given way. You are my purple crush, such colors never stay. Could we freeze this moment here in time? Let us tangle up in stranger hues. Could I forget sunsets in my mind? This is how I feel next to you!


On a meeting with a stranger, thoughts are now material. Maybe we’ll be lovers, I guess only time will tell. A catchy little number, moving to the beat we sway. Come in a little closer, baby take me all the way! Dreams of love, threw them all away before today but now I think I’ve changed my mind. Ooh so many days and nights, things just weren’t right I believed they’d never change, I guess that I was wrong. Oh Manhatten skyline! NYC is like a jewel. Vibe’n by the river, look at me I look at you. If we come together, t here’s one thing I certainly know... Yeah, I can feel desire, babe I think I’m gonna explode! So many broken hearts I’ve played a losing game. It seemed so strange but now maybe the tide will turn. Oh so many days and nights t hings just weren’t right. I believed they’d never change but I guess I’ll never learn. Wanna find some solace in the love of another, wanna see the other side. I think I can groove with you forever. Gonna take my chances with the love of another, gonna give it another try. I don’t want to be alone forever.


I just can’t believe what you’re doing to me! You got me wound up inside and though I’ve tried to hold on, I can’t last another day without you close to me, feeling your body move beneath my hands and your eyes watching every move I make. Surrounded by this love, nothing has ever been this good I have to give in, even if it breaks my heart... These words I write are true, my love. I would be with you for 1,000 years, if I could that is. Eternally in love, never to be lost again, I have found what I have sought. Many a tear I’ve shed and battles I have fought. This is what I see when I look in your eyes... resolution of a lifelong quest for a heart. Sadness has been washed away… These words I write are true, my love.


I still dream about you baby, oh baby yes I do. And if I had you back with me, this is what I’d do to you: I would hold you close to me and make you believe that we would never part. Look you in the eyes and tell you lies, just to break your heart...loveless. You never meant to hurt me baby, you never wanted to. But when I told you that I love you, what else could you do? You said to me that I no matter how I tried, could never be the one. Your love for me had died, it could not be denied. Remorse you felt was none...loveless. So you dream about me baby, oh baby yes you do. The error in your ways is seen now, you want me to come back to you. But fatal are the wounds so deep within my soul, that I have turned to stone. From what did unfold, a loveless heart so cold. Now you must live alone...loveless.


I love a good boy and I love the chase. You seem to fit the bill but it’s such a waste. You remain with her, but against your will. She has you in her hands but I want you still. You and I throughout all time, a love so pure- yet so unkind. It’s there when I look into your eyes. I’m tired of the lies and the games we play to complicted ends. I just have to say, from the start we two loved without refrain. Now everytime we kiss just fills me with pain. ...Me and you a love so true, despite it all it will not fall. It’s there we you look into my eyes. I love you to death and with all my soul. Breathe your every breath- let the truth be told. Any other man makes me think of you. I’d rather end my life than not be with you!


Not a tear, I’m not missing you. The smile is back on my face. It’s been a year and I think that dear, I’ve filled that empty space. There was a time when I needed you, but things since then have changed. And the lies that split us into, have all else rearranged. So, it’s too late tonight, to recreate our past and try to turn the dark to light. No, it’s too late tonight, to think that you’ve a chance at all to make the wrong all right. In our prime when our love was fine, the world could fall away. Now these lips that you once have kissed have nothing else to say. It’s too late tonight... I remember the emptiness within your eyes. Revealing then, what would unfold...


Rising tides and suicides; calamity begun. Hatred sires and urban fires that mock the burning sun. Intolerance and ignorance; the seeds of contention. Lives dissolve like fading hues that court the setting sun. Past the point of breaking but yet to come undone. Poison to a weaker soul is nourishment for some. Detached and self-absorbed I wander aimless in a haze. Longing for nocturnal hours to wrest me from these days. The world is coming down all around me, but I barely recognize... a lack of sympathy. Apathy has taken me! I have lost the power to feel. Reallities become unreal, convictions once so tactile-now, dissolve. Waking from a stifling dream like stepping into air. Intoxicating liberation... life without a care.


Easy come, easy go. It vanished along with the melting snow. The warmth of spring has brought me no joy, my love is denied and my heart is destroyed. I never could tell if you were mine, you kept me here guessing all of the time. I gave you my love to be returned, when you didn’t, baby how I burned. As the circle of hurt goes ‘round, it throws you to the ground. It’s so empty to be in love alone. As the circle of hurt goes ‘round, it keeps you tied and bound. It’s so lonely lying here without you. Once I was the one he loved, but he wasn’t what I was dreaming of. Now I’m here and I’m standing in his shoes, while you tell me of the things you choose. See, I love you and you love her, and he loves me- so no one wins. On we spin in our dark despair- chasing love that is not there... ---


On this sunny day I should feel so high, as I walk the Lower East Side. Instead my guts are tight and tied in knots. The brilliance of this sun-lit town just magnifies my sadness, and makes me miss the things I’ve lost much more. Now the city is not the same to me, it has lost its anonymity. The street now has a face- at me it stares. And the buildings summon cold regret in the city of the alphabet, and 12th & A will never be the same.... Stoned by daylight. Now the tunnel of The Path, it seems, to radiate a certain feeling, but at least down here I’m not punished by the sun. And the hollow call of a distant train will forever haunt me, for every one I rode, I rode to you. And 1,000 bad love melodies now suddenly make sense to me, and 12th & A will never sound the same. But I’ve had enough of this punishment to last me a fucking lifetime! So I’ll hit The Square, smoke, and forget about you... Stoned in daylight.


Soft glances from across the table, your eyes keep meeting mine. We’re sipping wine, lights are low, tossing innuendos through the smokey air. Soft brushes across my leg, you make “accidentally”. Touch my arm when you speak, you make your feelings known so deliberately. Ooh you know I wan’cha, but you belong to another, and though I’m hear’n whatcha say, you know that I am gonna love you better. Ooh ya know I wan‘cha, but will you leave with the other? I think your heart wants to stray, so you and I should be with one another today. Plush couches for our conversation but your smile tells me more. “Speak” your thoughts right to me, I hang on every “word” oh so eagerly. Your biggest secret is biggest interest- tell me what’s it gonna be? Is it her? Is it me? I’ll give a bit of time ‘cause I wanna see...


Twighlight now decends giving breath to night, filled with sensations I can’t define. Upon the wall, shadows from a dancing flame. The street below is alive with its sordid game. 1,000 nesting thoughts now have taken flight, releashed out into the endless night. A slave to desire, have no will to fight. Tempted by a truth that I can’t deny. Pacing, in a room of doors, what lies beyond? You cannot be sure. Pacing, in a room of doors, What in the hell are you waiting for? Synchronized rhythms that conduct the tide, the path to follow I can’t decide. Once again pacing in a room of doors, indecision rules me forever more... ---


I've never been the kind that is lucky in love, think it a burden of the ages. So I disdain, and I refrain from the folly. Of the lovers I think them all fools; trapped in self-made cages, but not me, I won't succumb to the madness. So I went from day to dull day, just performing on stages. The pantomime, the role of a lifetime. Then he appeared just beyond a name, and so I read his dark pages. He said he loved me, and I turned away. Oh! I will not fall in love! searching for the words to say, what will I do? Run away? No! Then tell him white lies. A life full of fetish and fantasy a neurotic simulation, and he's there with unusual persistence. I can't give in and still remain free, his romantic invitation- I can't take it- but I can do him from a distance. Oh! I will not fall in love... Oooh you know you shouldn't tell a lie! I spin in circles as I walk the line, feeling my way through the darkness. A rogue lover, just a wanderer He reappeared just beyond the pain, so I gave into the emotion. He loved me, then he walked away... When it comes to you, will love make your body rise? When it comes to you, will love make you rise? Will you then reveal the truth that's inside your heart? ---


My pride and fear so strong. I let nobody in who can steal my light. I’ve tried to live but I’ve failed At least all alone I’ve complete control The walls I’ve built so high Made of steel and stone they have trapped the air. It’s poison now, I can’t breath. I must escape or in here I will surely die. If this is a breakdown, then just be a break down. I’m being blinded by the things that I see. If this is a breakdown, well lets have a breakdown, and shatter these chains. You know I gotta be free. If this is a breakdown, then just be a break down. I’m paralyzed by all the things I must be. If this is a breakdown, well lets have a breakdown. You’re calling my name but all I want is to flee.


Swam across a sea of lonely hearts, tossed upon the rocks and torn apart. All the while I dreamt of only one, and that is you...the finest of them all. Adrift upon the waves of fear and desire. Tranquilized my pain with rancid ire. In all this time there was but only one, and that is you...the finest of them all. I dream of you my love...the finest of them all. My lust is like a wine that pours and pours. Drain barrels to their dregs- still I thirst for more! Yet for the less I could not fall. I search for you...the finest of them all. Forever lost and never to be found. Regret’s a waste and to hope is to confound. My memory relives the times with you, but still- to dream is all that I can do. I dream of you my love! It’s only you my love! I’ll search for you my love! The finest of them all!



Shall we roll it back in time? To when our hindsight was so blind I was somewhat out of my mind And you were something far too fine. I would fight 'til the end for you And you would hold me until you knew Let us go back to when it was good When love was yes and love was could. Deep in my heart of memories... I remember a fire in us A longing need and a primal lust I felt alive, a brighter star And destiny would take us far It seems we were on top of the world You found that jewel, you found the pearl So special upon that chain And there it will forever remain Deep in my heart of memories When we were so young What we had was true Deep in my heart of memories I knew you were the one.


You gave me the signs Right from the start Pushed me away with all of your heart But still I believed In the coming sunrise When I looked in you're eyes It's not your fault and yet, iit is What kind of life are you left to live? Earthquakes come unexpectedly Never did I think this would happen to me Especially on our anniversary Can we all go on despite the pain? Will the light push through across this terrain? Ooh my desert heart is so cracked and dry Nothing but clouds across the sky The earth fell out and it was so cruel I thought I'd be forever with you Earthquakes come unexpectedly Never did I think this could happen to me Especially on our anniversary


You said you were disturbed, that you were messed up in the head To me it was just a word, wouldn't believe a word you said You were telling me the truth, between your silly lies But I took it as a joke, because I never saw you cry No, I never saw you cry Little did I know how sick you really were and when they asked me why I left you I said you werte disturbed So you said you were disturbed that you thought your world should end It seemed just a bit dramatic, so I told you to get new friends But how could I have known how deep it truely went When you'd turn around and laugh saying it wasn't what you ment No, it wasn't what you meant. But then I let it go, stopped playing your tired game There was too much to decode and you wouldn't take the blam And then there was the daywhen everything fell apart Then I say the truth from inside your leaking heart Little did I know how sick you really were...


We've sacrificed such precious time Year after year, yours and mine Too much invested just to thow it away All of the memories that we've made And it's getting harder to prove That being with you is still the right move It's not like the issue is black and white There's grey all around us as we fight If you could meet me at least half the way I think I could find a way to stay Just for today I want you to be something you're not You took me right in but I think you forgot To fight down your troubles so you could be genuinely happy right here with me Another day and the sun still shines There's warmth in your heart with the crime You're not all good but your not all bad There is love in you still, and it makes me sad To think about ending the love we've shared The decisions too hard I don't think it's fair If you could meet me at least half the way I think I could find a way to stay Just for today


I see you through the vodka haze Memories of our younger days You were rock and I was stone Nothing could get to the bone But I stop inside, I'm back to stone Stay with tour love, leave me alone Now I have this buzz, but it will fade I look through you, beyond the haze. I remember that one night Along dark water you shone the light I thought of our possibilities That you could be the one for me But I shook it off and came to my senses None of your pleas could melt my defenses You burned me songs staight from your heart But I told you that we must part I never took you that seriously Even when we went to the sea I banged your rock against my stone I took it fast, you wanted it slow I left you again, we parted ways Separate lives we spent our days Now you're here back in my house My stone is slipping into doubt


I'm in the game, the daily grind Work all day then lose your mind Watch TV, wait for the end Computer on, email to send Days go in and then they go out I wonder what this life is all about How did I get this way so fast? Always hoped my youth would last and last But still I'm in the game Life and death in an endless seem Soon this world will be gone But I'm still stuck on what to do Even when I was young and lost I had to pay the precious cost of sticking to a master plan Of trying to mold just who I am And I've discovered this person to be A tiny dot in an endless sea And no it doesn't matter what I do Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose Still I'm in the game


What's going on? Where did I go? Funny, I thought I saw her about an hour ago She was in a bind caught up in a trap Didn't know the answer was right between the gap I saw her in the park, waiting in the wind Hoping for the sound to rise above the din Last time I saw her swimming in the waves Taken by the tide never to be saved What's going on? Where did i go? Yeah its me but I'm not the same old searching soul who ran around with pain just trying to fill the hole I have so much to give it goes around and back Grateful for my scars and the wind against my back Where did I go? Time is a funny thing It runs across your face as bells begin to ring Where did I go? I came out alive carried by the wave from where I almost died Yeah its me but I'm not the same old searching soul who ran around with pain just trying to fill the hole I am me but changed the tune is a different sound What's gone is forever lost but at least its me I've found


Dare me to say it and dare me again I dare you to tell me that I am just your friend You come when I ask you and you see me alone We're out in the nighttime while she stays at home One more drink then I'm out of my mind I must say it now as you look at the time You said that you never ever thought of me that way Then You tried to leave as I asked you to stay So goodnight for now or goodbye forever What's done is done Since you pulled that lever down Down into tragedy You come right back to me Down, down into extacy I told you the truth and I thought I was clear You said I was wrong but it was just your fear Say what you want until you're blue in the face I know you better and your words are a waste Down, where you brought me into tragedy Down came the lever you come on back to me Now we can say goodnight or we can saygoodbye forever


So this isn't what you thought it would be Life can be confusing An eternal vow that you ripped to shreds Its not what you find amusing There is a shade that runs away Between the night, between the day It's how I choose to live my life Somewhere...Among the grey You thought that the shape had perfect lines But it is just a blur The one you had called a nasty whore Has somehow become demure I hope someday that you will see The space between the stranger hues Remember that there is more that this... Among the grey So this was right and that was wrong It made you feel secure your strict ideas were bound so tight But now you're ... Into the grey!


"Are you alright?" 
they keep asking me

They just won't believe 
I could feel so free

I'm open to all possibilities

There's something new 
that I can see 

Oh my love goes out
it has been unleashed
And I stand right here,
I have my peace

No I'm no longer bound to 
what any others think

But loving them all
Feeling the link

Oh I'll be the best
 that I was meant to be
And I stand right here
I have my peace